Hey Guys!! I’m Charlotte and I’m here to inspire and help you get more clients for your business.  Before we start let me give you 30 seconds about me!  I live in NY right outside of NYC and I am married with 3 daughters (4, 2 and 6 months so you already know I drink a ton of coffee and wear lots of concealer). I currently work as a government contractor but I spent 10 years in Corporate America as an client success/account manager and business developer.  I decided I wanted to branch out and help people in my community to gain more business and I LOVE using all of the skills that I have learned over the last 10 years in corporate America.  I have a Masters in Library and Information Science so I am basically a COOL NERD who loves Research and helping people MAKE MORE MONEY!!  You can check out my website at CharlotteTheresa.com.  Following this article you can book an Intro One on One session with me to expand your business EVEN MORE!  You must invest in yourself!  Note- this article might contain some affiliate links and that means I might collect a small commission.

SO here is what we are going to cover today.  3 strategies on how to build your clientele TODAY.  My goal for you is to be OVER booked and OVER PAID!  Now these strategies do take a little work and if you are willing you will see results immediately.  This is intended for Makeup artists, stylists, nail salons, and barber shops, etc.

Number 1.  Create and manage a mailing list.  Every single time someone sits in your chair make sure you have their email address, cell phone and name.  I know this sounds super simple but this is how you create repeat customers.  You build and maintain the list and then on a monthly basis send them something to remind them to BOOK again!  From personal experience I see people use their mailing lists so well that once their clients get the email they are over booked again!! Sometimes people need to be reminded of how awesome you are and you are also that they need to get their hair done again!!

Number 2. Update and Perfect your Social Media Game.   So first ask yourself which platform are you willing to ROCK and use DAILY.  You need to have some presence on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.  The newbie that people sleep on is PINTEREST.  For Makeup artists and stylists (nail salons and barber shops too!!) is KEY because its a visual search.  People can easily find your work.  For example- go to Pinterest and type up wedding updo or wedding makeup.  Whichever you choose you must ROCK and post daily.  The key here is to realize that if you create a Instagram account of all of your styles and your work you must make it reflect your brand.  Great photos, captions, filters and immediately directing a potential client to your name and phone number or website.  Once people see your work and like what you do they will be calling but there can’t be a lot of noise.  Also, another tip for social media is to purchase ads.  For example, Facebook ads can cost you as little as 5 bucks and you can use them to gain more clients and for more people to see your work.  The more EXPOSURE the MORE clients you get! PRO TIP- Create a tailwind account and watch your PINTEREST following increase.

Number 3. Become an Multi-Level Marketer.  Aside from getting their hair or makeup done are their other problems that you can solve for your clients?  Is there a product you could be selling them to increase your funds??  You can make even MORE money by becoming an Multi-Level Marketer and just think if you select the right company it will just become an extension of your work.  Do your clients come in and ask about eyelashes??  Have you thought about selling them or are they always complaining about wanting to lose weight??  Another example is selling Beachbody products (ps. you can always join my team)  and you simply send them to your site and they could shop and order from there.  It’s a simple BONUS.  Once the client is in your chair you can talk up these other products or just have them available.

So those are my 3 tips and I am telling you if you START today you will watch your business GROW and your chair FILL up.  We only scratched the surface so if you are serious about gaining more clients go to CharlotteTheresa.com and schedule an intro session.  I can help you with finding the correct Multi-Level marketing company that will help your clients, how to transform your social media to attract more customers and also how to manage and maintain your mailing list and what you can send your clients monthly to keep them engaged.