There are parts of this journey that seem unreal…we all figure we could work, raise children, go on vacations, buy a house, send the kids to school, retire and watch grandkids…and slowly dwindle into that space where you have less time that you think to truly live…


But what if you wake up daily and realize that’s not your life…not your purpose and definitely not how you want to serve the world…then what?


You start down this path (for me it was realizing I was not about to work for some company forever and watch them steal the very ideas I could use to do my own thing) and you start your own business.


In my case, I started a onsie line, became a mommy blogger, then tried being a beachbody coach (I’m trying again actually), then I worked for an amazon store, then I did B-school, then I took Instagram with Intention, then joined a mastermind/course-richfriends, then a took a course on clarity, then I attended Tony Robbins 5 day event, then decided on Real Estate and wanted to flip houses and became HGTV obsessed, then I started doing the work and working on other people’s businesses to see what else I could potentially try for myself, but still nothing.  I like helping people but it’s only a hobby if you aren’t making a decent living.  I recently found success in the government contracts and using Pinterest.  So that’s where I am right now.


But do you see this journey??  I just learn as much as I can as I go and my hope is that not only do I inspire others but I can eventually help people down this same path.  And let’s also hope It doesn’t take them as long as it took me.


My advice is to start young, read all you can and to take your natural skills and develop them and build a business around it.


I read 2 books whenever I struggle- Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer and Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.