1.  Every single day I remind myself that we have ONE LIFE to live….just imagine…this is your first last and ONLY “at bat” for life.  How quickly we forget to LIVE…often we are just mulling over the details and the tasks of life.  But let me REMIND YOU to take a step back and truly LIVE your life!

-Use this Planner* to help you focus on living a positive life.  I have been using it 5 months and it is a game changer…it will                        help you to focus and PLAN

  1. The internet- HA..Yes I am DEAD SERIOUS. The Internet is a game changer and there is TONS of negative information out there.  And of course, Tons of positive!  Using social media for positivity can actually change your life.  At the end of the year, I cleaned house on my social media.   I got rid of all accounts that aren’t positive, uplifting, and helpful…if it wasn’t helping me with my goals and dreams…I DELETED IT.  So now I scroll thru my feeds and there is nothing but good ideas, positivity and helpful tips on living an intentional life.

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  1. Because Stress will literally rob you of your beauty. Everyone is looking for beauty secrets and the BEST ONE on the market is HAPPINESS!! The best to ward off the aging process is Happiness!


Now…here is your homework…Start doing what it’s going to take to be happy!!! TODAY!  It is not always easy but it will be WORTH it in the end!  In a year, you will thank yourself..in 5 years you won’t EVER look back.


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