So Amazon Affiliates.  Are you that person who is always sharing where you got things and showing how much you love a product?  Did you know you could get paid for that??


Basically, become an affiliate of Amazon  ( or Sephora, Target, Itunes just to name a few more).  You set up an affiliate account and then each time you share the link and people purchase you can get paid.  Obviously the arduous part of the task is creating the links and sending them and getting people to click but like I said if you share with people anyway why not have it set up so that you have the potential of getting paid??


Just an idea.


Next up, Ebates.  So this one is a NO BRAINER…They actually PAY you to shop!  And then you can be rewarded if you get other people to do the same.

Sign up and the next time you shop online open Ebates to click into the store.  Once you make your purchase you will get an email with how much you got cash back.  From there Ebates sends you a check.  It really is THAT simple.  I did all my Christmas shopping on there and got $151 dollars back! That I can SAVE!  If you don’t feel like shopping share your link with people and they give you a bonus! (see my screenshot)


Sign up here: (My affiliate link)  See the screenshot below.


Let me know if you have any questions!! I am happy to help you set these up.  It’s like creating a wish list and sharing with people.