So you got up today and decided you wanted to make some income on the side or you want to eventually be able to work independently.

WELL…GREAT NEWS!! The role of the Virtual Assistant is going to be PERFECT for you!! I am brand new to the VA world and LOVE it so far! You can be location independent and work flexible hours.

Here are my Top 5 tips on getting started with finding VA gigs.

1. First know what you have to offer?? What are you good at? Social media, writing, editing, scheduling, technology or not?? Become very clear about what you are great at and the things that you can teach yourself or learn quickly. Here are some of the things that people are looking for in a VA:

Web Design
Content Creation
Graphic Design
List Management
Email Management
Email/Newsletter Campaigns
Customer Service
Booking Keeping
Social Media Management

And there are more!! Spend some time on Linkedin looking at other virtual assistant profiles so you know what kinds of tasks that you can potentially offer. List them out so that you can have them ready for someone who is interested. There are endless opportunities here!

2. Set up Shop!
All you need a computer (MAC or PC) and WIFI!! I also recommend setting up a Skype account and a Zoom account. This way if the client is international you will have no problems talking to them. You can use either service or both to schedule calls and video chat. Another service that I use that’s great is Acuity. (Affiliate Link). It’s a scheduler that allows you to enter your hours and people can “book” and pay you in advance. Lastly, be sure to set up a PAYPAL so you can get PAID!!

3. Start looking for work. So this is by far the most time consuming part but if you are clear on what you offer it will be MUCH easier to narrow down your searches to what people are looking for support with. For example, if you know that you are awesome at Social Media Campaigns and posting…run searches for people who are looking for Social Media VA’s.
Here are places to start looking for jobs:

Upwork–  Set up a profile and apply to as many as you can a day. Create a new proposal for EACH job so that you stand out
Facebook–  Join groups so that you can offer your services and get to know people so that people will then recommend you
Twitter-Search for #virtualassistant and see what you learn
Virtual Assistant agencies (THERE ARE A TON OF THESE)-Just a simple Google Search away
Linkedin– Join groups and ask questions

4. Join groups on Facebook where people would be interested in your services. Are you good with Graphic Design?? Look for those groups for that community so that you can learn about what people want and network with people. You basically have to “show up” online and make comments and tell people what you offer over and over so that people will “hire” you.

5. The Final tip is to do this DAILY and STUDY! Once you are set up with a phone and computer so that people can reach you the opportunities are endless. There is a TON of work out there. This was my method for about a month and I got 2 clients within my first month and they are ongoing!! That’s the key…ongoing assistance!

I created this post because people have been asking me how I started…there is a TON more information to follow so please subscribe to my newsletter and if you want a one on one call click here to schedule with me.  I can help you with the specifics of agencies and training materials to get you up and running.  My goal is to help you GROW and if that means you make some side money or have the ability to quit your job and be a VA at home GREAT!! Tell me your goals and I can help you reach them!!

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