How to use Social Media to motivate you…Where was I before Social Media

So now that basically EVERYONE lives online and is influenced by what happens online it is time to learn a lesson in…HOW TO GET SOCIAL MEDIA TO WORK FOR YOU…

So it is totally true that what you see, read and listen to on a regular basis influences you…Why look at negative accounts and watch people live their lives and hate yours??

Here is what I want you to do….

DELETE any account that no longer motivates you

Find accounts that motivate you to be BETTER.

Are you trying to lose weight? Follow personal trainers and coaches

Are you trying to start a business?? Follow successful entrepreneurs

Are you depressed? Following motivational or spiritual accounts

Want to learn how to do makeup or hair? Follow a makeup artist or a stylist.

Want to learn to dance? Follow a dancer who has tutorials

Want to learn to cook?? Follow a teaching chef

Do you get where I am going with this??

It is all about curating your life and using your daily routines to do so. If you already scroll thru Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis…why not follow people who are going to supply you with information on how to be better?? Immediately STOP following people who aren’t motivating you.

The possibilities are ENDLESS and this is such a simple step to getting you to live a better life!!

Have a social media account that makes people better?? Drop it in the comments below!


Hugs and LOVE,